Rich Dad Cash Flow Game Night

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Play the CASHFLOW® Classic game with us and learn how to be rich.

Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom or from a book. Inject some real fun into learning about money and investing.

appsgamescashflowclassiclogoYour banker will NEVER ask you for your highschool report card. Learn what’s really important in entrepreneurship and investing: Your Financial Statement. Build your assets and build your wealth. Meet and interact with players who have the same goals and aspirations as you do. Test your skills and strategy against the rest of the world.


You could learn to be wealthy and that would be life changing. You could also learn to be wealthy by playing a game and that would be amazing. So what would it be like if you could learn to be wealthy by playing a game with us…FOR FREE?

id100215275Pizza will be served. Bring your friends with you.